The 2023 Atlanta Race Massacre Commemoration

The 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre

Days of Remembrance 2024

The 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre: a haunting chapter in history that demands remembrance. This website stands as a testament to those affected, honoring the lives lost and shattered. Though a legacy of Black Excellence reverberates throughout the history of Atlanta, within these pages, we confront a painful past to ensure “Never Again.” Explore the truth, uncover the untold stories, and join us as we strive for justice, unity, and healing.

2024 Days of Remembrance

118th Anniversary Commemoration

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Coalition to Remember the 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre

Days of Remembrance

118th Anniversary

September 22-26, 1906

2024 Schedule of Events

“Never Again” Documentary

Premier Screening

Presented by Culture Centers International

Saturday June 8th, 2024

Floyd Carmichael


Fulton County Remembrance Coalition Marker Ceremony

Tuesday July 30th, 2024

“Art Changes Atlanta” Fundraiser

Fulton County Remembrance Coalition Essay Contest Award Presentation

Saturday September 21st, 2024

2024 Days of Remembrance

Bell Ringing for Peace & Reconciliation

Sunday September 22nd, 2024

“Law and Order and Race” Panel Discussion

Thursday September 26st, 2024

“South View Cemetary Tour with 1906 Actors

Friday September 28th, 2024

About the 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre

The Atlanta Race Riot of 1906, recently renamed The Atlanta Race Massacre, occurred on September 22, 1906 and is considered to be one of the worst incidents of racial violence in United States history.

The event was sparked after a white mob attacked African American citizens throughout downtown Atlanta following false rumors of violence perpetrated by black men against white women. Before the riot ended, thousands of African Americans were forced to flee the city and many of their homes and businesses destroyed by fire or looting.

Never Again: The 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre Documentary

In harmony with The Coalition to Remember the Atlanta Race Massacre, “Never Again” seeks to increase public awareness of the 1906 Riot and Massacre and to document how certain multi-cultural and progressive members of Atlanta have come together to publicly remember and reframe the the atrocity through the work of two successive, related coalitions. this video is a chronicle of the 1906 massacre as well as these subsequent coalitions and should inspire viewers to anticipate the future and get involved.

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